FY2018 National Election Results

FY2018 National Election Results

On July 1, 2017, ballots were counted and verified for the FBA FY 2018 national officers. Their terms will begin Oct. 1, 2017. The current president-elect will automatically become president on Oct. 1, 2017 and serve a one-year term, which expires Sept. 30, 2018. The president-elect and treasurer will serve a one-year term, which expires on Sept. 30, 2018; directors (groups 1–4) will serve three-year terms, which expire Sept. 30, 2020; and vice presidents for the circuits will serve two-year terms, which expire Sept. 30, 2019. Congratulations to these leaders who will serve the association next year!

National Officers

Maria Z. Vathis, President-Elect

Christian K. Adams, Treasurer   

Board of Directors 

Andrew K. Clark, Group 1 Director 

Kelly Titus Scalise, Group 2 Director  

Joseph S. Leventhal, Group 3 Director Hon. 

Alison S. Bachus, Group 4 Director   

ABA Delegate 

Ashley L. Belleau, ABA Delegate   

Vice Presidents for the Circuits 

Oreste R. Ramos, Vice President for the First Circuit 

Olivera Medenica, Vice President for the Second Circuit  

Hon. Karoline Mehalchick, Vice President for the Third Circuit  

Kacy L. Hunt, Vice President for the Fourth Circuit 

Marc W. Taubenfeld, Vice President for the Fifth Circuit  

Katharine M. Gardner, Vice President for the Sixth Circuit  

Kevin G. Desharnais, Vice President for the Seventh Circuit  

Daniel C. Hedlund, Vice President for the Eighth Circuit  

Darrel Gardner, Vice President for the Ninth Circuit  

Chris M. Stephens, Vice President for the Tenth Circuit  

Brett A. Barfield, Vice President for the Eleventh Circuit  

Steven R. Miller, Vice President for the D.C. Circuit  

Please join us in congratulating our newest FBA leaders!     


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