Vildan A. Teske, Director

Vildan Teske is a founding partner of Teske, Micko, Katz, Kitzer & Rochel in Minneapolis, Minn. She has a national practice focused on complex litigation on behalf of consumers, employees, and service members. Teske is a frequent lecturer on consumer rights, class action litigation, and service member rights, and has testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on access to justice in our court system. She joined the FBA in 1995 and has served in leadership roles at the chapter and national level since that time. Teske was honored to be selected as the first recipient of the FBA’s Robyn Spalter Outstanding Achievement Award in 2013.

Shortly after joining the FBA and the Minnesota Chapter, she founded the chapter’s Newer Lawyers Committee and was appointed its first chair and served on its board of directors for several years. Her work in founding the chapter’s Newer Lawyers Committee led her to be appointed to the national Younger Lawyers Division (YLD) board in 1996/97. Teske was then elected for secretary and to each position on the YLD leadership ladder. She served as national chair of YLD in 2003-2004 and a member of one of the last national executive committees prior to the transition to the new governing structure. She also co-chaired and then chaired the YLD Shaw Public Service Grant for five years, worked on the Younger Federal Lawyer Award program, the Supreme Court Admissions program as well as a number of initiatives. As chair of the YLD, she focused especially on working with each local chapter to start or bolster programming for younger attorneys and law students. This resulted in a number of chapters creating sections/committees for younger attorneys.

In the last 21 years, Teske also served a three-year term on the editorial board of The Federal Lawyer, was a member of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee and the Membership Committee, was appointed to the National Diversity Task Force and then the Special Committee on Diversity. She also served as parliamentarian of the national FBA and has been a long time member of the Federal Litigation Section. Teske has served as an appointed member of the National Council for several years, is a Fellow of the FBA Foundation, and is currently serving on the Sections and Divisions Council, as well as the Sarah T. Hughes Award Committee.