Andrew K. Clark, Director

My service to the FBA has included the following leadership positions:
• I served as the Richmond Chapter’s President from 2004-2005 and 2010-2011. In 2009, I helped re-establish the Richmond Chapter by putting in place a leadership structure that has resulted in the Richmond Chapter remaining an active and invigorated FBA Chapter. To that end, I currently serve on the Board of Directors of the Richmond Chapter of the FBA;
• I have attended various FBA Mid-Year and Annual Meetings and Conventions, including the following National Meetings: 2002 (Dallas); 2003 (Washington, D.C.); 2005 (Fort Lauderdale); 2006 (Las Vegas); 2007 (Atlanta); 2011 (Chicago); 2013 (Puerto Rico); 2014 (Providence); 2015 (Salt Lake City); and 2016 (Cleveland);

• I have participated in the FBA Chapter Leadership Training Program, the Supreme Court Admissions Ceremony hosted by the FBA Younger Lawyers Division, and served as a Moderator at the 2012 Chapter Leadership Training Program;

• From 2007 until October 2013, I served on the Board of Directors for the Federal Litigation Section;

• In 2012 and 2013, I served on the FBA Chapter Activity Awards Committee. In 2014, I was selected by The Honorable Gustavo A. Gelpi, Jr., Past President of the Federal Bar Association, to serve as Chairman of the Chapter Activity Fund Committee for 2014;

• I was selected by our Immediate Past President – Mark K. Vincent, Esquire to serve on the Nominations and Elections Committee for 2016; and
• Since October 2011, I have served as a Circuit Vice President for the Fourth Circuit. I also currently serve on the FBA’s Community Outreach Committee.