Notice of Elections for the Foundation of the FBA

Notice of Elections for FY2020
The Foundation of the Federal Bar Association hereby gives notice that there will be an election for three directors for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2019. The director will be elected to serve a six-year term.

By May 1 of each year, any individual who desires to be considered by the Foundation's Nomination and Elections Committee (Committee) for a board vacancy and meets the eligibility requirements set forth in the Foundation's Bylaws, shall submit a letter of intent to the Committee. Letters of intent shall be submitted to Henry Quillian, Chair of the Nominations and Elections Committee at by May 1, 2019. The Committee may also seek out or consider other qualified members for possible nomination.

To be eligible for nomination to the Board of Directors, an individual must be an FBA member in good standing for at least five years, a Fellow of the Foundation, and committed to upholding the mission of the Foundation; in addition, such an individual must agree to comply with the Board's policies, including that policy requiring an annual financial commitment.

By June 15 of each year, the Committee shall nominate one or more eligible members in good standing for each of the director seats becoming vacant for the coming term and shall transmit to each member in good standing (1) the notice of upcoming annual elections and of the offices to be filled; (2) the Committee's nominations for those offices; and (3) the manner and time by which nominations of candidates may be made by petition.

Nominations for the election of directors may also be made upon petition of 10 members of the Foundation. Such nominations must be received by July 15 in election years. Nominees by petition who meet the eligibility requirements set forth in these Bylaws shall be listed on the ballot.

Election to the board of directors shall take place by the National Council at its regular meeting at the annual meeting of the Federal Bar Association. Voting shall be cast by written ballot only if there are more nominees than vacancies on the board. If written ballot is required, the ballot shall indicate how many nominees shall be elected. Votes shall be cast only for those nominees whose names have been placed in nomination by the committee or by petition. Nominees will be voted upon as a group and those nominees receiving the largest number of votes, whether or not a majority of all votes cast, shall be elected.

In the event that any deadline herein specified is a Saturday, Sunday, or legal federal holiday, the next succeeding business day shall substitute for that specific deadline.

Henry M. Quillian, III, Foundation President
2019 Nominations and Elections Committee Chair


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