Grants Awarded - 2015

In 2015, the Foundation of the Federal Bar Association provided funding for the following programs:

Massachusetts Chapter (MA)- Job Interview Workshop
The chapter organizes the Job Interview Workshop in conjunction with two programs run out of the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts' Probation Department: Court Assisted Recovery Efforts (CARE) and Re-Entry: Empowering Successful Todays And Responsible Tomorrows (RESTART). The workshop aims to help probationers who are pursuing employment as a condition of their probation. Each participant does three mock-interviews during which members of the FBA play the role of interviewers and mentors/coaches. The program includes a motivational speaker for the probationers and provides all of the volunteer FBA members (and prospective members) an opportunity to do some community service in their jurisdiction. 

Middle District of Pennsylvania Chapter (PA) - Introducing the Federal Courts to Local High Schools
The MDPa Chapter is developing a program which would bring local high school students in each of the courthouses in the area to introduce them to the court system and explain the different roles of people in the courthouse. The goal of the program is to promote awareness and understanding of the legal system, and in particular the federal court system.

New Orleans Chapter (LA) - YLD Angola Prison Tour

The chapter is expanding a multi-dimensional conflict resolution program for at-risk teenagers. The goal is to provide positive instruction regarding conflict resolution and first hand knowledge of the consequences of bad decisions. The program centers around a visit to Angola, the largest maximum security prison in the U.S. with over 5,000 inmates and over 1,800 staff members. In 2010, the program began with 100 students, and was held periodically. At-risk students are taken during the school year on a tour of Angola and the experience is used as an opportunity to use a conflict resolution curriculum and to provide mentorship.

San Diego Chapter (CA) - Women In The Law Conference

The first annual Women In The Law Conference, entitled "Pathways to Leadership:  Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities" took place on October 29, 2015. The event was a half-day conference that included a keynote speaker and two panel discussions centering on the hurdles to women's leadership in the legal profession. The goal was to provide concrete information and strategies for overcoming these challenges both on an individual and institutional level. 

Tampa Bay Chapter (FL) - Staying In The Game II

A leadership program designed to address an issue that affects us all:  retention of female attorneys and the gap between female representation and female leadership in the legal profession.  The program covers a year long symposium beginning with a kick-off CLE followed by quarterly small meetings among lawyers and judges, and a series of dinners for law firm leaders, diversity experts and business leaders. The symposium concluded with recommendations for organizations regarding how to address the gap between female representation and female leadership in the legal profession.


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