Chapter Community Outreach Grant Program

The Foundation’s Chapter Community Outreach Grants program was started in 2011 to support community service or outreach projects that involve FBA chapter participation. Funded projects must address the need for legal services in the community or fall under any component of the Foundation’s mission, which is to:

  • Promote and support legal research and education;
  • Advance the science of jurisprudence;
  • Facilitate the administration of justice; and
  • Foster improvements in the practice of Federal law.

Community Outreach Programs:

Over the past several years, the Foundation’s Chapter Community Outreach Grants have supported many worthwhile activities across the country, including educational programs to introduce high school students to important federal laws; a mentorship program for a federal drug court, including recovery, educational and employment materials; writing competitions for law students; and an interview skills workshop in partnership with the District Court’s two probation programs.

The Chapter Community Outreach Grants Selection Committee approved funding for the following programs for 2018:

Delaware Chapter - High School Fellowship
The chapter, along with the District Court of Delaware, implemented the High School Fellowship Program, a six-week summer program for high school students selected to work in chambers with Judges of the Court. This effort provides students with the opportunity to interact with prominent Delaware educators despite economic and/or cultural obstacles. The program promotes legal research and education in Delaware with the hope that students who participate will take the "insiders" knowledge that they gain and share it with their classmates and communities, and to pursue careers in the field of law, bettering the federal bar.

Eastern District of Michigan Chapter - FBA Law Day
Through the support of this grant, the chapter promotes legal education in the Detroit metropolitan community by affording students who would be otherwise unable, the opportunity to participate in Law Day. Attendance is limited due to financial constraints. The chapter, working with the Social Studies consultants to the Wayne and Oakland County high schools, devised a plan to underwrite the cost of transportation as a way of increasing participation in this valuable program. The grant allows us to accommodate a higher percentage of schools requesting to participate. 

Minnesota Chapter - Court Camp
A newly formed committee of the Minnesota Chapter of the Federal Bar Association will design and implement a court camp program during the summer of 2018. Court camp is an education initiative for high school students focused on creating early opportunities for those students to learn about careers in the law. The committee hopes to enhance a diverse "pipeline" of candidates for the future of the legal profession.

San Joaquin Valley Chapter (CA) - Law Day Yosemite 2018
The Law Day Yosemite 2018 educates junior high school students about the importance of the Rule of Law in this country. 400 eighth grade students from nearby rural communities come to Yosemite to celebrate Law Day. This year's speaker is Laurie Levenson, a law professor from Loyola and head of the Project for the Innocent. She will speak to the eighth graders about "Equal Justice Under Law", a topic the students have studied in class, and also about which they have written an essay. There will be a Q&A with Professor Levenson.  

How to Apply For A Grant:

Download the Grant Application

Foundation Grant Program Follow-Up Report

The Foundation of the Federal Bar Association encourages all FBA Chapters to apply for a Chapter Community Outreach Grant, which can be up to $10,000.

Preference will be given to chapters that did not receive a grant the prior fiscal year. New chapters will not be eligible to receive both a New Chapter Outreach Grant and a Chapter Outreach Grant in a given year. The applications of new chapters which received a New Chapter Outreach Grant in the previous year will be reviewed as if they did not receive the New Chapter Outreach Grant.Chapters are required to submit a Follow-Up Report to the Foundation upon completion of the project.

Chapter Community Outreach Grant applications are accepted twice during the Foundation’s fiscal year and processed according to the following schedule:

Grant Application Due Date Date Awarded
June 15 August 31
December 15 February 28

Please remember, community service or outreach should be the program’s focus, and FBA Chapter participation in the project is necessary. More information is included in the grant application materials.


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Follow Up Report Guidelines


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