Younger Lawyers Division: 2019 Supreme Court Admissions Ceremony

2019 Supreme Court Admissions Ceremony

The Younger Lawyers Division of the Federal Bar Association is hosting the 2019 Supreme Court Admissions Ceremony on Monday, May 20, 2019 at the United States Supreme Court. As in years past, we will be inviting the Justices to join us for a breakfast reception after the ceremony. Although the Younger Lawyers Division sponsors this event, FBA members of all ages and levels of practice are welcome to participate. While some believe that the highlight of the day is being sworn in before the Supreme Court Justices in the historic courtroom of the highest court in the land, many others find the breakfast reception to be equally memorable. Each year we have been joined by one or two Justices. Whatever your preference, joining the most elite bar in the United States is an experience that will last a lifetime.

We hope you will consider participating in the 2019 Supreme Court Admissions Ceremony. Applications for this year's ceremony will be accepted starting Monday, February 18, 2019 and must be submitted via mail, along with the appropriate payment, to the Federal Bar Association at the address below. Applications must be received by 5:00 PM EST on Monday, April 1, 2019 in order to be considered for this year’s ceremony. Instructions for admission to the Supreme Court Bar can be found here.

Application Materials
• A completed application consists of a typed first and second page of the application (which must include original, wet ink signatures from each of your two sponsors), a Certificate of Good Standing from the highest court where the attorney has been practicing for the past three years (only one is needed), and the $200.00 application fee.
• Applications should be assembled with the first and second pages of the application on top, next the certificate of good standing from the highest state court, and then the applicant's check. Paper clipped together -- PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE. The admission fee is $200.00. Make checks payable to the "Supreme Court of the U.S." Checks should be dated May 20, 2019.

• There will be a breakfast for all admittees and their guests. If you plan to attend the breakfast, please include a check made payable to the Federal Bar Association for $15 per person attending the breakfast. If you are bringing a guest, please include their name on the check.

• All signatures on the second page of the application must be original (wet ink) and must be on the same sheet. If you will be attending the ceremony in person, do not fill out the area entitled "Motion for Admission" at the bottom of the second page. Please make sure the Certification, Statement of Sponsors, and Oath of Admission sections have all been signed and dated.

• The seating capacity of the courtroom is limited. Children under six may not be admitted to the Courtroom. The number of guests in the courtroom is limited to ONE PER APPLICANT

The ceremony is limited to 50 applicants and applications will be processed in the order that they are received. Once your application is received, we will review it to make certain it meets all requirements set forth by the Court. If there are any deficiencies, we will contact you and use our best efforts to attempt to make all necessary modifications.

Submitting Your Application
Once you have compiled all of the materials necessary for admission, please mail it to the following address:

Federal Bar Association 
Attn: Alea Al-Aghbari
1220 North Fillmore St., Ste. 444
Arlington, VA 22201 


The Ceremony and Reception
Your admission to the U.S. Supreme Court will be a memorable event. Applicants should meet in the public cafeteria at the U.S. Supreme Court Building at 8:30 a.m. Please sign in with the FBA/YLD representative who will be at a table in the cafeteria. As soon as all applicants are signed in, you will be lined up and taken to one of the Court’s conference rooms. From the conference room the applicants will be taken to the Court’s chamber by security personnel and seated before the bench. Guests will be seated in the rear of the chamber.

When the Court is ready the Justices will enter, and any business scheduled for that day will be conducted. This may include the announcement of decisions or remarks by the Justices to the applicants. Once all official Court business is complete, the movant will formally request the Court to Accept the application for admission to the bar. The oath will be administered, and the Justices will retire to chambers.

The ceremony will be followed by a breakfast reception. All of the newly admitted applicants and their guests will return to the conference room. We have traditionally been joined by Justices during the breakfast reception.

Each admittee may bring one guest to the ceremony. Space in the courtroom is severely limited and security concerns make it impossible to permit a large number of people into the room. Consequently, we cannot guarantee that guests will be admitted to the courtroom for the ceremony; however, our attempts to seat guests in past years has been successful. Guests are welcome to join the admittees at the reception after the ceremony.

May 20, 2019
United States Supreme Court

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