Law School Chapter Updates

Law School Chapter Updates

Charleston School of Law Chapter
Nina Sperling

In November, The Charleston School of Law, Federal Bar Association held a Fall Social for members and student body, as well as, Federal Bar Association legal professionals, and faculty. We had drawings for prizes, a photo booth, free food and nonalcoholic beverages, as well as, quotes for our first annual “I am So Glad I Knew” before the bar gift booklet to graduating students.

We had a great turnout and have had such a big response, we are holding a Spring Social event this semester. Featured below is Piper Byzet (liaison for FBA CSOL Student Division) and a co-worker.

Next is faculty advisor William Janssen alongside FBA members.

Finally, President Nina Sperling and a fellow FBA member.

University of Idaho College of Law Chapter
Marcus Johnson

The University of Idaho College of Law’s Federal Bar Association Law Student Chapter is the only Student Chapter in the state of Idaho. Within months of its inception, in September 2016, student members began participating, learning, and networking through various Federal Bar meetings and events. In April 2017, the Law Student Chapter is sponsoring an on-campus event hosting Judge Stephen Trott, a Senior Circuit Judge for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Trott will discuss the use of jailhouse informants to provide evidence in support of convictions and the problems that can arise. Specifically, his presentation will cover courtroom strategy, tactics, discovery, and evidence. The Chapter is planning another event for Spring 2017, which will host Idaho U.S. District Court judges and law clerks.

The University of Idaho College of Law’s FBA Law Student Division may be of short tenure, but it has been busy. Recently, two student members attended the September 2016 Tri-State Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. Approximately fifteen student members attended the Idaho Federal Bar Association 2016 Christmas party. Students appreciated both experiences; particularly, because they were provided the opportunity to meet esteemed federal practitioners including practicing and retired attorneys, U.S. District Court judges, and law clerks. Moreover, after each event and informational meeting, student feedback is positive. Students report, after these events they are more informed about federal practice and incentivized to continue involvement with the Federal Bar Association as attorneys.

Nova Southeastern University Chapter
Lillian Guzman

NSU Student Chapter is a newly formed group, and is steadily growing on NSU's campus. This semester the organization added 10 new members. Members recently had the honor of attending a hearing in front of Judge Bloom on February 17. In fact, NSU’s competing advocates and NSU’s FBA Student Chapter were invited to not only witness two federal hearings, but also, a naturalization ceremony held by Judge Bloom, herself. This event was put together by the Broward County Chapter, and the organization is thankful for their liaisons, Trevor Jones and Louis Reinstein, because they have been such great help in obtaining these opportunities for the NSU members.

This semester, the NSU Student Chapter’s first event will take place on campus and host Judge Hunt as well as three practicing attorneys. The panel will discuss professionalism in Federal Court as well as an introduction to federal practice. The organization’s goals are to evolve and grow on campus.

St. Thomas University School of Law
Marc Rapaport

This Spring semester, the St. Thomas student division had the pleasure of Mr. Brett Barfield, former South Florida Chapter President and current Partner at Holland & Knight, serve as honorary speaker for our first general meeting. Mr. Barfield spoke in front of current and prospective FBA student division members, discussing different aspects of the organization and promoting membership. St. Thomas also had the honor of serving as a Silver sponsor to the 36th Annual Judicial Reception, held on February 9th, 2016. Over twenty St. Thomas students attended the event, representing our school and organization well. Because three of the four student division executive board members graduate this semester, we plan to elect a new board for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year.

New Law School Chapters

University of Mississippi School of Law
James Kelly

The University of Mississippi School of Law’s Federal Bar Association Chapter was founded in December 2016. James Kelly is the current charter President. The Chapter is still awaiting full certification by the Law School, and, pending approval, the Chapter has plans for a full board election in March 2017. The Chapter plans to host a formal kick-off meeting in Fall 2017.

Widener University School of Law Chapter
Jessica Lehman

The Widener University School of Law established its Federal Bar Association law school chapter in January 2017, and has hit the ground running. The local chapter was instrumental in these efforts. The chapter has meetings planned for its members, as well as programs that include dodgeball, an outdoor BBQ, and a bowling outing.


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