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University of Kansas School of Law: Recruitment! Outreach! Opportunity!
Ashley Akers, President 


Members of the FBA Law Student Division at KU.

Recruitment! Outreach! Opportunity! That's our agenda for the year. The University of Kansas School of Law FBA Student Division is in its second year of existence and our goals are to expand membership, outreach to the local legal community, and create opportunities for every member. 

The first event was a trip to the District Courthouse in Kansas City. Twenty-three Division members joined as we toured courtrooms, asked questions to the Honorable Teresa J. James, and met with law clerks for a social hour. The event was successful. Students enjoyed the opportunity to have personal interactions with law clerks and a federal judge and experience behind the scenes of a courtroom.
The Division has three upcoming events in the spring semester: a visit from General Suter, a law clerk panel, and a social event with local judges.  The capstone event is the visit from General Suter, the former Clerk of the United States Supreme Court. The agenda includes multiple opportunities to listen to General Suter speak, a coffee social, and a member-only lunch. Division members will have an opportunity to learn about General Suter's remarkable journey as a 20-year Clerk of the Supreme Court and his 30 years of service in the highest ranking positions of the Army.

Shortly after General Suter's departure, the Division will host a law clerk panel and social hour. We hope the panel provides an opportunity for students to learn about the benefits of a clerkship and the application process. 

To round off the year, the Division will invite a group of judges to an informal reception with Division members. Our goal is to establish a connection with the legal community and create an opportunity for students and judges to build relationships. 

Although the Division is new and the membership is growing, we hope to provide worthwhile, beneficial, and lasting opportunities for every member. None of the events would be possible without supportive advisors and the dedication that law clerks, lawyers, and judges commit to making the Federal Bar Association a success. 

Ashley Akers, President, Class of 2016
Robin Randolph, Vice President, Class of 2016
Annette McDonough, Treasurer, Class of 2015
Lin Lei, Secretary, Class of 2015
Stephen Durst, National Delegate, Class of 2016

Oklahoma City University School of Law: A Stellar Year!
Cedric C. M. Bond, Class of 2017, President 


Members of the FBA Law Student Division of OCU pose for a photo with 10th Circuit Judge Monroe McKay at the annual Holloway Lecture.

2014 was a good year for the Oklahoma City University School of Law Federal Bar Association Student Division. With a Judicial Lunch, a mock trial with elementary students, a Supreme Court Clerk Series, a panel of all the senior judges of the Western District of Oklahoma, and a commemorative dinner for the late Judge Holloway, it was certainly memorable.

Abundant student participation and dedicated support from our local chapter has made our division flourish like it has never before. Membership in the last two years grew from eight to nearly forty-eight and continues to climb.

Fast becoming an annual tradition, the judicial lunches are highly anticipated events. Last February, Judge Joe Heaton of the Western District of Oklahoma joined twelve students for a catered lunch at the school. Students were able to ask questions and converse for over an hour. What other student organization allows its members to share a meal in such an intimate setting with a federal judge?

Another event that will be repeated is the mock trial with fourth-grade students from Gatewood Elementary School. The Honorable Chief Judge Vicky Miles-LeGrange presided over the one-hour jury trial, along with two robbed elementary students. The fourth-graders received a week of classes on the judicial process from our former president Brandi Haskins, Assistant Federal Public Defender Tony Lacy, Assistant U.S. Attorney Chris Stevens, and Attorney Mark Spenser of McAfee Taft. Prior to the trial, Judge Timothy D. DeGiusti gave a welcome speech and pointed out that he was inspired to become a lawyer after a mock trial was held at his elementary school.

Although Assistant Federal Public Defender Tony Lacy and his fourth-grade assistants put forward a zealous defense, it was to no avail. After a record-shatteringly brief deliberation, the jury unanimously found that Humpty-Dumpty had been pushed by Pierce the Pig (Pierce Winters, our former Vice President, was the unlucky defendant). Evidence that Pierce the Pig was seen hocking bacon and eggs a block away from the fragmented shell of the decedent was decisive. Ultimately, Pierce the Pig was convicted of "eggicide."

"It was pretty much rigged from the beginning," concluded Stevens.           

Last summer, after recovering from finals, OCU FBA students had several opportunities to stay involved before the fall semester began. Organized by Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Robert E. Bacharach, the Oklahoma City FBA Chapter held the "Inside the Supreme Court Series" all last year. These were remarkable luncheons at fine venues featuring former law clerks from Supreme Court Justices of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. It was a great experience listening to the best and brightest of the Oklahoma City legal community discussing amusing anecdotes and fascinating characteristics of some of the most distinguished jurists in history.

Another summer activity that OCU students participate in was "Summer Associate Courthouse Tour," sponsored by the Oklahoma City FBA Chapter. Led by Assistant US Attorney Stevens and Jessica Perry of the firm Crowe & Dunlevy, nearly thirty student members of the FBA from different schools got to see the inner workings of the US Courthouse of the Western District of Oklahoma. Chief Bankruptcy Judge Sarah Hall and District Court Judge DeGiusti took us into their courtrooms, showed us around, and answered questions. Judge Bacharach also joined us in Judge DeGiusti's courtroom as did Magistrate Judge Shon Erwin.

Once school resumed in the fall, the OCU FBA hosted Chief Bankruptcy Judge Hall at our on campus meeting. She was fascinating and got more than one student member thinking about taking a closer look at the bankruptcy field.

Of the two major events of the fall, one was a hilarious (thanks mostly to District Court Judge Lee West) panel of the senior judges for our district, and the other was a dignified remembrance of one of the greatest jurists of our time. The Judicial Reception, hosted annually by the Oklahoma City Chapter, is a light dinner and a panel discussion often with one of the judges of our district. With five judges on senior status, the Chapter was honored that each of them spoke to it. Ten OCU FBA members were able to attend.  

The annual Holloway Lecture was especially memorable this year as it was the first year without Judge William J. Holloway Jr. Judge Holloway passed away in April 2014, leaving a big hole in Oklahoma and an even larger one in the Tenth Circuit legal community. The OCU FBA was well represented at this event. Thanks to the generosity of a local firm, we were able to purchase two whole tables and had several additional students at other tables. With twenty students, we had our best showing in the nine years of the lecture.  Judge Monroe McKay, Judge Holloway's colleague for over thirty-five years on the Tenth Circuit, gave this year's lecture, "A Theory of the Man." As only a close friend can, Judge McKay gave an intimate and poignant tribute to his fellow jurist.     

Cedric C. Bond, President, Class of 2017
Amber Martin, Vice President, Class of 2016
Danielle Connolly, Vice President of Finance, Class of 2017
Elise Horne, Vice President of Communications, Class of 2016
Taylor Tyler, Student Bar Association Representative, Class of 2017

University of Dayton School of Law Student Division of the Dayton Chapter: Events & Updates
Nadia Klarr, Vice President of Administration and Marketing


Members of the Dayton Student Division pose after their networking events with lawyers from the FBA's Dayton Chapter.

The University of Dayton Student Division of the Dayton Chapter of the FBA's mission is to promote the interaction and relationships between Dayton law students, judges, and lawyers who are leaders in the FBA. Working with both the National and Dayton Chapters of the FBA, the Student Division aims to strengthen student understanding, knowledge, and interest in the federal legal system. This year, the Student Division made several strides to provide opportunities for students to

interact with federal practitioners and is pleased to share its recent events with other student divisions.

In September, we participated in a Student Organization Fair at the University of Dayton School of Law which resulted in increased student membership. We also held a round-robin event, allowing students to make rounds to speak with different FBA members, local practitioners, and judges to ask questions about their work. This was originally planned as a panel discussion, but due to the overwhelming support received from the Dayton Chapter and local practitioners, the event was changed from a panel to the round-robin event.

In October, we hosted an evening reception following the FBA Annual Meeting. The event was attended by numerous law students, local practitioners and judges, as well as the national FBA President, Mr. Matthew Moreland. The annual meeting reception was a great success and the Student Division hopes to make this an annual event.

In November, we hosted the Dayton Chapter's Board of Directors Meeting at the law school. This was a great opportunity for students to enjoy lunch and conversation with local practitioners, as well as observing and participating in the board meeting.

We also have several exciting events planned for next semester and the upcoming new year, including hosting another board meeting on campus as well as partnering with the FBA's Younger Lawyer Division and the 3L class. We also look forward to the Gilvary Symposium, which is a partnership with the FBA's Dayton Chapter and the University of Dayton School of Law. Please look for further details regarding this and other events in the near future. We are truly thankful for the interest and support shown by the Dayton Chapter of the FBA. We are very excited about the events planned thus far and look forward to a strong year ahead with continued organizational success.

Tessie Smith, President
Michael Sivore, Executive Vice President
Nadia Klarr, Vice President of Administration and Marketing
Kaelynn Smith, Vice President of External Affairs
Joseph Latas, Treasurer
Markus Moll, Secretary


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