FBA Law Student Division Round Ups

FBA Law Student Division Round Ups

1. Charleston School of Law
By Casey Martens, President

The 2015-2016 goals of CSOL’s FBA Student Division chapter are an increased focus on creating networking opportunities; creating a CSOL member resume bank for local FBA attorneys to draw from; establishing a mentorship program; hosting CLEs at CSOL; and partnering with other CSOL organizations to bring interesting panel discussions to CSOL.

Our student division is very proud to announce that last semester our out-going President of the CSOL FBA Division, Crystal Swinford, received the FBA’s prestigious Robert A. McNew Law Student Scholarship. Additionally, in 2015 our members organized an “Inside Look at Federal Practice” seminar at the historic Federal Courthouse in Charleston. There, we met with an esteemed federal judge’s law clerk and observed a hearing on a motion for summary judgment in the room where Briggs v. Elliot was heard—the case that eventually lead to Brown v. Board. Our members also organized a donation drive for a Charleston anti-recidivism initiative called “Turning Leaf Project.” We also hosted an Immigration Law Panel in association with the CSOL Latino Law Student Association, as well as an Employment and Labor Law Panel.

This semester, in association with the League of Women Voters, our members have been presenting on Voting Rights to local high school Government students. We have also been presenting on the intersection of Law and Technology—including the ways in which technology can be used against them in a court of law—to local high school seniors. We also have a Voting Rights presentation scheduled as part of CSOL’s Professionalism Series, where the Director of the SC FBA will be speaking about the history of voting rights, and the Executive Director of the Charleston County Board of Elections will discuss current issues in voting. We also have a seminar scheduled on the ways to use the rules of civil procedure to your strategic advantage, which will be held at CSOL as a service to 1Ls before their civil procedure exams in the spring. A local attorney who has put together several CLEs on the subject will teach this seminar. Finally, this April, Charleston will be hosting the FBA’s Annual Federal Magistrates Conference and our members are excited to help with that event, as well.

Casey Martens, President
Charity Hollar, Vice President
W. Zach Smith, Outreach Coordinator
Anthony Ibarra, Treasurer
Nina Sperling, Secretary

2. University of Kansas School of Law
By Ashley Akers, President

The 2016 spring semester has been a busy one for KU School of Law’s FBA Student Division. Our goals this year are to provide networking opportunities, practical skills experiences, and informational training to all Division members.

To begin the semester, the Division hosted the National FBA President, Mark Vincent, and the National Membership Chair, Jonathan Hafen, at KU Law. During Mr. Vincent and Mr. Hafen’s visit, the Division members had the opportunity to eat breakfast with the leaders; listen to them address the Division in a speech about leadership; and enjoy a catered lunch with members of the local Chapter. This visit inspired students at KU Law to become more involved in the FBA and seek out leadership roles.

The Division’s next event is “A Conversation with Women in the Law.” At this event, FBA Division members will have the opportunity to meet and have lunch with Kansas City’s most impressive members of the federal bar. Our honored guests include women that are federal judges, federal law clerks, partners, associates, of-counsel, in house counsel, and law professors.

Following the luncheon, the Division will host its bi-annual writing workshop. This semester’s session is titled: Legal Writing for Law Clerks. It is intended to provide future law clerks a head start in learning how to write for a judge. The workshop will be taught by a federal law clerk. In addition to these events, the Division will host its spring meeting to elect next year’s Division Board.

Of course, none of these events would be possible without the interest of KU Law students, the support of our FBA advisors, and the opportunities provided by the FBA.

Ashley Akers, President
Ethan Brown, Vice President
Will Easley, Treasurer
Tyler Childress, Secretary
Kip Randall, National Representative

3. Inter American University of Puerto Rico, School of Law
By Karla Morales, President

Student organizations have great power among each field of study and society in general. With this in mind, the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, School of Law FBA Student Division (IAU-Student Chapter) pursues to influence the professional development of our members and contribute to the community. Our 2015–16 goals are to provide workshops and seminars to promote academic excellence; bring guidance about the federal practice areas; organize networking events amongst our members, professors, administrative personnel, and field professionals; and fraternization opportunities with other regional law schools.

Our past experiences include having the opportunity to participate in conferences with different judges, federal prosecutors, judicial law clerks, highly experienced attorneys and other professionals. Thanks to these opportunities, we have witnessed how our members have had doors opened. Our communications officer, Christian Trinidad, had the opportunity to work as a Law Clerk at the U.S. Attorney’s Office of Puerto Rico. In addition, our secretary, Yesenia Bosch, and president, Karla Morales, had the good fortune of working in a nonprofit organization related to immigration matters in Los Angeles, California this past summer. Those experiences were directly or indirectly due to our membership in the FBA.

At the end of January, in our effort to serve the community student divisions visited “Hogar de niños Andrés”. A nonprofit organization that houses twenty-four male minors between the ages of five and twelve, that are referred by the Department of Family Affairs of Puerto Rico for negligence, sexual abuse, abandonment, or are orphans and/or wanderers. The division spent an amazing day in the company of twenty-four angels who stole our hearts. As part of the event, we played soccer, basketball, and karaoke. There was also a DJ, therapy dogs, food, toys and candy for their enjoyment.

On February 10, 2016, student divisions of Puerto Rico visited the Metropolitan Detention Center at Guaynabo (“MDC”). Through this tour, the student members had the opportunity to learn about the Federal Bureau of Prisons (“BOP”) from an inside perspective. The members were able to witness different aspects of the detention center, including the security measures employed by the MDC. This was an enriching experience for the law students because they were able to see a different view of the justice system as well as acknowledge the legal employment opportunities for attorneys at MDC.

In addition, this semester our student division had the opportunity to strengthen the bond with the student divisions of the University of Puerto Rico, School of Law, as well as the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, School of Law.

In regards to our plans for the future, we would like to introduce our members to areas such as Immigration Law, Bankruptcy Law and federal legal research. As the division prepares to finish its third year as part of the FBA, we look forward to seeing the future of the chapter continue to flourish.

Karla Morales, President
Aliceber Rivera, Vice-President
Yesenia Bosch, Secretary
Sofía Gattorno, Sub-Secretary
Anjanette Lugo, Treasurer
Christian Trinidad, Communications Officer
Miguel González, Events Coordinator
Natalya Maldonado, Student Delegate
Bea Angueira, Student Delegate

4. Loyola University New Orleans College of Law
By Aimee Chalin, President

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law’s FBA Student Division’s 2015–16 goals are to increase awareness of FBA’s role in the law school and in the community, to provide practical insights into federal job opportunities, and to arrange networking opportunities.

Last semester, we hosted a panel of federal judicial law clerks to provide information to students interested in applying for federal clerkships. The law clerks walked Division members through the application process, offered insight on their own experiences, and discussed their daily tasks as a law clerk.

This semester, we are hosting "The Federal Bar in Practice," a panel with a federal judge, a federal judicial law clerk, an Assistant U.S. Attorney, a federal public defender, and a federal practitioner. This panel will take place during a Civil Procedure II class to introduce 1Ls to the different aspects of practicing federal law. We also hope that this will provide 1Ls with a positive introduction to the FBA to increase their involvement. After the panel, we are holding a lunch for the panelists.

Throughout the year, we have held meetings and social events to promote camaraderie between Division members and to incentivize potential members to join. This semester, Loyola’s Career Development Office is sponsoring two memberships—for one 1L and one 2L—to be raffled off to attendees at our first social.

Division members frequently attend events hosted by the local New Orleans FBA Chapter, such as Lunch with the Court, Cocktails with the Court, and CLEs. These events provide invaluable opportunities to meet members of the federal judiciary and the federal bar.

Aimee Chalin, President
Rachel Jeandron, Vice President
Sowmya Mandava, Treasurer
Elizabeth Harvey, SBA Representative

5. University of Dayton School of Law
By Anthony, Graber, Executive Vice-President

The Student Division at the University of Dayton School of Law (“UDSL”) is a proud branch of the Dayton Chapter of the Federal Bar Association (“FBA”). The overreaching goals are to provide a one-stop location for comprehensive information on the federal judiciary and federal practitioners, to provide extensive professional networking and leadership opportunities through various Student Division events, and to provide access to a national directory of fellow FBA members, as well as other resources to help students obtain positions following graduation, and beyond.

2015–16 marks the third year of UDSL’s FBA Student Division—and within that timeframe—the Student Division has seen continued growth in membership and events. During the fall of 2015, the Division hosted a panel of federal practitioners and judicial law clerks, who provided information to students on their experiences in obtaining their first legal position following law school. The panel was held in a “question and answer” format, and was very receptive to numerous student inquiries.

During the spring of 2016, the Student Division hosted the Dayton Chapter FBA’s monthly board of directors meeting at UDSL. The meeting provided an opportunity for local FBA leadership to network with students as well as to provide insights into the inner workings of the Dayton Chapter. Most importantly, it provided a venue for discussions regarding upcoming Student Division events. As a product of these discussions, the Student Division plans to co-host a mixer with the Young Lawyer’s Division of the Dayton Chapter FBA. The mixer will provide an informal networking opportunity, bringing together young attorneys and law students. Finally, the Student Division plans to host another panel this spring focused around keys to success as a new practicing attorney—a continuation of the panel hosted in the fall of 2015.

Nadia Klarr, President
Anthony Graber, Executive Vice-President
Travis Butchello, Treasurer
Timothy Campbell, Secretary

6. University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law
By Asha Zahrt, President

McGeorge FBA kicked the second semester of our second year off with an opportunity for our members to mingle with our parent chapter at Judge Connie Callahan’s invitation in her chambers and to vote for new leadership. We held an incredibly successful Clerkship Week during which we hosted Chief Judge Morrison England and his clerk for “A View from Inside Chambers.” Next, we held a panel describing “A Day in the Life of a Clerk,” providing students with an opportunity to ask personalized questions about clerking to staff attorneys, career clerks, term clerks, state clerks and judicial externs. Finally, we rounded the week out with a workshop explaining the “Nuts and Bolts of Obtaining a Clerkship.” We have begun planning for our final spring event, a mixer to be held in the Anthony M. Kennedy museum in the Robert T. Matsui Federal Courthouse with several judges, students, practitioners and professors.

Asha Zahrt, President
Alex Smith, Vice President
Erin Price, Secretary
Joshua Hudson, Treasurer
Hannah Fuetsch, Communication Director
Karly McCrory, Sr. Advisor
Aoibheann Cline, 1L Representative
Brianna Grant, 1E Representative

7. The Touro Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center
By Julia Castore, President

The Touro Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center Student Chapter of the Federal Bar Association of the Eastern District of New York Chapter has just began its second year. We had a strong start last year with some great events to demonstrate the benefits of our organization to students. Last October, our organization invited Senior District Judge Frederic Block to Touro to speak to the students about his new book "Disrobed". He was also kind enough to stay after and sign copies of his book for students. Our Chapter was able to procure funding to provide some books to raffle off at the event. We had a great showing of students who showed a lot of interest and really engaged with the Judge. He was very down to earth and shared some great stories.

The FBA EDNY sponsored our second big event and the event was to benefit the Women Veterans of Suffolk County. Our Chapter actively participating in the planning and facilitation of the event. There was a great turnout, including a huge showing of women veterans and families who came to support them. It was a very touching night and all of the women were so grateful to be honored for their service.

This year we started strong by putting our e-board into place early. In November, the Chapter also has an event planned with District Judge Leonard Wexler. Judge Wexler is very generous for allowing us to learn about and participate in a jury selection. The Chapter has gained a lot of interest from students and we are lucky to be located right across the street from the Federal Courthouse. We also have some big ideas for the Spring semester. We are very excited to keep our momentum going!

8. FBA University of Minnesota Law School Division Round Up
By Nia Chung Srodoski, President

The University of Minnesota Law School’s Student Division of the Federal Bar Association (“FBA UMN Law Division”) aims to provide meaningful learning opportunities to law students and practitioners engaged in the federal practice. The 2015-16 Board of Directors got the ball rolling on organizing a team for the upcoming 20th Annual Thurgood A. Marshall Moot Court Competition. After attending an informational session held by the FBA Minnesota’s Law School Outreach Committee in efforts to gain knowledge about the moot court competition, Vice-Presidents, Will Orlady and Mickey Stevens, with President, Nia Chung Srodoski, met with law professors in the UMN Law Legal Writing Department to discuss forming a team for next year’s competition. The moot court competition, held in Washington D.C. in the spring, is a great way to gain oral argument and legal writing experience. It can serve as a great extracurricular activity, especially for those law students that want to petition/write-ononto a law journal. The incoming FBA Board of Directors of 2016-17 will implement the tryout system in hopes to send a team to the competition next year.

The FBA UMN Law Division holds events at the law school and promotes MN FBA’s events to law students, such as the Newer Lawyers Luncheons and the MN FBA’s monthly luncheons—both a fantastic forum for law students to meet federal practitioners ranging from new associates to seasoned judges. During the fall, we held several events at the law school. On November 5, 2015, we hosted a CLE presentation by Eric Tostrud, a distinguished practitioner at Lockridge Grindal Nauen P.L.L.P., and an adjunct professor at the University of Minnesota Law School. For the 10th anniversary of Grable v. Darue Engineering and Manufacturing, Eric presented on the case and reminded us of the often forgotten embedded federal question test. His presentation covered embedded federal question jurisprudence and analyzed potential uses of the modern test. In conjunction with two other student organizations at the law school, the FBA UMN Law hosted an event where assistant federal defender, Douglas Olson discussed a case he recently argued in front of the Supreme Court, Johnson v. United States, which held that imposing an increased sentence under the Armed Career Criminals Act’s residual clause was unconstitutional and a violation of due process.

On March 23, 2016, the FBA UMN Law Division brought in patent attorneys from Fish & Richardson to discuss how patent appeals, specifically inter partes review, are affecting patents involving biologics and small molecules. On April 6, we are bringing in U.S. Magistrate Judge Steven Rau and Tiffany Sanders to discuss the Pro Se Project. The Pro Se Project is a collaboration between the MN FBA and the Minnesota District Court. It provides pro se litigants access to volunteer lawyers and provides great opportunities for law students to get first-hand experience working with a volunteer lawyer and a pro se litigant. Later this semester, we will also hold an event with Professor Chris Soper and litigation firm Maslon to discuss current news in bankruptcy law, including an overview of the differences between Chapter 9 and Chapter 11, and Puerto Rico’s Chapter 9 case.

Nia Chung Srodoski, President
Will Orlady, Vice President
Mickey Stevens, Vice President
Rachel Molsberry, Secretary
William Elliot, Treasurer
Grace Gong, Outreach Officer


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