Chapter Community Outreach Committee

Community Outreach Commmittee Members

Sheri Mecklenburg, Chair
Hon. Alison Bachus
Donald Sauviac
Hon. Sandra Klein
Benjamin Dowers
Mark Desgrosseilliers

Community Outreach Committee Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Outreach Committee (COC) is to create, initiate and coordinate community outreach programs throughout the FBA, particularly through chapters programs.  The Community Outreach Committee will foster programming in which FBA members engage members of the public in a manner that focuses on advancing a positive view of the professionalism and good will of the FBA and its members, the federal courts and federal law. The COCs definition of community outreach remains flexible, but for guidance, the COC considers a community outreach program to be one in which members of the FBA engage in a program that does any of the following:

  1. educates members of the public about the FBA or its members, federal practice, federal courts and/or federal law
  2. assists members of the public in a manner connected to use of the federal courts or federal law
  3. contributes to a charitable cause targeted at the community at large (such as a program that benefits a soup kitchen or food pantry) or
  4. benefits a non-lawyer population connected to the federal courts, such as those convicted of federal crimes, or victims of federal crimes. 

Goals of the Committee

  • To encourage and facilitate community service throughout the FBA, particularly at the chapter level.
  • To have the Committee members serve as a resource for assisting chapters in setting up community service programs or projects.
  • To encourage each chapter to appoint a Community Service liaison, to ensure that the chapter undertakes at least once Community Service program or project.
  • To incorporate community service into the National FBA as a day of national community service and/or a community service project as part of our annual meeting.
  • To recognize the outstanding community service by a chapter and/or individual with an annual award.   



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