Southern District of Illinois Chapter

Message from the President

The United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois is excited to announce the formation of a local chapter of the Federal Bar Association. We encourage you to learn more about the Federal Bar Association and to join our chapter, which promises to be a dynamic community dedicated to promoting the welfare, interests, education, and professional development of attorneys and judges involved in federal law.

The Federal Bar Association, founded in 1920, is an influential legal bar association consisting of more than 18,000 members, including 1,500 federal judges.

Southern District of IL Bylaws

SIU Law Journal Symposium "Prosecuting Terrorism and International Crimes" (April 21)

As international and terrorism crimes have significantly escalated in recent decades, national and international justice systems have wrestled with questions about the best forum and methods of prosecuting these crimes. Because terrorism and other international crimes impact both international relations and domestic politics, there are political debates over the proper criminal jurisdiction to adjudicate these cases. And, because these crimes can be particularly difficult to investigate and prosecute, there are significant practical questions about which tribunals are most competent and effective to hear the cases, and what are the best practices for uncovering evidence and securing convictions.

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