South Carolina Chapter History

Original Charter of the South Carolina Chapter issued in 1964
Second Charter issued in 1975
Third Charter issued on September 15, 2001 by Robert M. New, President

1963-64 Roy A. Powell
1967-68 Luther H. Hermann
1968-69 Cletus W.S. Horne
1970-71 Walter F. Going
* * *
1974-75 J. Wesley Drawdy
1975-76 J. Wesley Drawdy
1976-77 J. Wesley Drawdy
1980-81 J. Wesley Drawdy
* * *
2001-02 Amie L. Clifford
2002-03 John S. Nichols
2003-04 Nancy Bloodgood
2004-05 Matthew Richardson
2005-06 Tara Shurling
2006-07 Rene Josey
2007-08 Tom Gressette
2008-09 Christie Companion Varnado
2009-10 Kay West
2010-11 Christy Ford Allen
2011-12 Hannah Rogers Metcalfe
2012-13 Sam Sammatero
2013-14 Brian Duffy
2014-15 Brian Quisenberry
2015-16 Stephanie Lewis

1975 Charter Members
A. McConnell Faucett, Jr.
Addison G. Wilson
Carl R. Abrams
Melvin Hutson
Henry G. Heriot
Thomasine G. Mason
Thomas G. Watt
Mary J. Weisen-Kosinski

2001 Charter Members
Amie L. Clifford*
Jane Osborne
John Nichols
William T. Toal
Deborah R. J. Shupe
J. Rene Josey
John C. Ormond, Jr.
Tara D. Shurling
Tim Newton
Gray Geddie
Sanford Cox Graves
Richard Danforth
Irvin Slotchiver
Douglas N. Truslow
Nancy W. Davis
Andrew M. Thompson
Virginia G. Startsman
Lil Ann Gray
Debra Chapman

*Amie was the motivating force in re-forming the Chapter in 2001. Without Amy’s efforts and diligence, there may not yet be a South Carolina Chapter.

Significant Events
First Annual Meeting, Judicial Reception & CLE on Federal Practice: September 5-6, 2002


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