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"Miranda at 50 - Inside the Landmark Case"

The Phoenix Chapter of the Federal Bar Association is proud to participate in FBA’s national Community Outreach Project. Our project dealt with the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the seminal case, Miranda v. Arizona, which arose out of a criminal investigation in Phoenix in 1966. The Phoenix Chapter partnered with the U.S. District Court in Phoenix, which is sponsoring essay and video contests for high school students. Our project kicked off in March with a luncheon at the federal courthouse. In April, the Chapter met with the judges of the Court to present our check to support the civics contest and events to recognize the students. On April 15, submissions for the essay and video contests were due. In May, an event to announce the winners of the contests will be held. Therefore, our project encompasses three months: March, April and May 2016.

The kick-off event, held in March, was entitled “Miranda at 50 – The Inside Story of the Landmark Case.” For the event, high school students from around Phoenix were transported to the federal courthouse for a lunchtime presentation. The program was hosted by the Phoenix Chapter and emceed by Board member and U.S. Magistrate Judge Bridget S. Bade, and Ninth Circuit Judge Barry Silverman and Captain Carroll Cooley, Phoenix Police Department (retired) were the speakers. The sold-out crowd (162 people) included over 60 high school students and their teachers, as well as federal judges, court staff, and attorneys. Captain Cooley was the detective who interviewed and arrested Ernesto Miranda. He provided unique insight into the history of the case and exactly how the investigation unfolded, including the “voluntariness” of the interview. Judge Silverman is an expert on the Miranda case and interviewed Mr. Miranda numerous times. Given their numerous interactions with Miranda, both speakers provided fascinating, “inside” information on the case. Materials were circulated, including Mr. Miranda’s written confession. Everyone in the packed room enjoyed the talk, and the students left inspired to participate in the civics writing contest. The Court, working with the Chapter, produced a video of the kickoff event, which was sent to FBA National leaders and staff for upload to

In April, submissions for the writing and video contests were due, and the Chapter presented its check in a meeting with the judges of the Court. The funds went to hold an event to recognize the teachers and students who participated in the contests. The winners of the contests will be announced on May 13. The Court is co-sponsoring the civics contest with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Circuit contest winners will be identified in June and flown to the Ninth Circuit Judicial Conference in July. Ninth Circuit leaders, including Phoenix Chapter leaders, will be present at the Conference.

The Phoenix Chapter is proud to be partnering with the Court on this important project, which will hopefully spark interest and enthusiasm in civics (and local Phoenix history!) in our community. We also look forward to seeing the winning entries in the essay and video contests. The Court has expressed its thanks to the Chapter and the FBA for their support of this initiative. The Chapter, in turn, expresses its sincere appreciation to the Foundation of the Federal Bar Association for its leadership and support in this effort. We hope to do a similar project next year, on a timely topic for 2017. We enjoyed participating in, and supporting, the Court and Circuit’s civics efforts, and plan to do so again in the future. This year, we had about 25 FBA volunteers help put this project on, and we hope to increase that number next year. Finally, we hope to have another large crowd for the project next year – perhaps we will even have to move to a larger venue!

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To view the Courts & Community Committee Spring 2016 newsletter, click here.

Pictured (L-R): Captain Cooley, Judge Bade, and Judge Silverman

Annual Holiday Party

On December 3, 2015, the Phoenix Chapter held its annual Holiday Party and honored Judge Michelle Hamilton-Burns. Judge Burns was selected as the Chapter's 2015 honoree due to her longstanding dedication to the Federal Bar Association, both locally and nationally. The Chapter was thrilled to welcome FBA National President Mark Vincent as one of the speakers to congratulate Judge Burns, and National Board members Beth Smith and Hon. Elizabeth Kronk-Warner flew out to Phoenix for the event as well. Over 200 people gathered for the party, which took place at the Phoenix Art Museum.

Pictured (L-R): Judge Warner, Mark Vincent, Judge Burns, Beth Smith, and Raynette Logan, a Phoenix Chapter Board member.
"The Brave New World of Federal Practice: New Rules, New Issues" Seminar

On January 17, 2014 the Federal Litigation Section and the Phoenix Chapter of the FBA put on a seminar entitled "The Brave New World of Federal Practice: New Rules, New Issues."

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