Northern District of Ohio Chapter History

The FBA granted a charter to the Cleveland Chapter in July 1945, but no recorded meetings happened for 10 years (some might have occurred, but there is no record it). The Cleveland Chapter as moribund from 1946 to 1954 but was “rechartered” by the FBA in May 1955. The Cleveland Chapter underwent a name change in 1997 and was renamed the Northern District of Ohio Chapter.

The Cleveland Story - July 1956

A Brief History of the Cleveland Chapter - February 1995
Past Presidents

15-16 Tim L. Collins
14-15 Dennis G. Terez
13-14 Jason A. Hill
12-13 Virginia A. Davidson
11-12 Diana M. Thimmig
10-11 Kip T. Bollin
09-10 Carter E. Strang
08-09 K. Ellen Toth
07-08 Anthony J. LaCerva
06-07 Arthur M. Kaufman
05-06 Lori White Laisure
04-05 Keven D. Eiber
03-04 Joseph T. Dattilo
02-03 James W. Satola
01-02 Aaron H. Bulloff
00-01 Stephen D. Williger
99-00 Annette G. Butler
98-99 Laura Kingsley Hong
97-98 Thomas D. Lambros
96-97 Lawrence K. English
95-96 Stephen J. Paffilas
94-95 Margaret Wong
93-94 Joseph D. Carney
92-93 David Schaefer
91-92 David M. Spotts
90-91 William W. Jacobs
89-90 Thomas J. Baechle
88-89 Dennis Zapka
87-88 Patrick M. McLaughlin
86-87 James C. Lynche
85-86 Donald S. Scherzer
84-85 Robert A. McNew
83-84 Marilyn A. Bobula
82-83 Kathleen A. Sutula
81-82 Dale F. Kainski
80-81 James R. Williams
79-80 Edward A. Zak
78-79 Myron N. Krotinger
77-78 Nora M. Friel
76-77 William A. Brahms
75-76 Paul K. Kavanaugh
74-75 Ivan L. Miller
73-74 Constatin O. Lambros
72-73 Murray B. Gordon
71-72 Stanley Fisher
70-71 Myron S. Stoll
68-69 Paul B. Roesch
67-68 David E. Clarke
66-67 Hudson Hyatt
65-66 Raymond H. Clark
64-65 Merle M. McCurdy
63-64 John Kennedy Lynch
62-63 Robert A. Friel
61-62 James A. Gleason
60-61 Joseph G. Smeraldi
59-60 Frank B. Moore
58-59 Edward J. Masek
57-58 Earl Heilman
56-57 Harry E. Pickering
55-56 Vernon E. Taylor
54-55 J. Reuel Armstrong
45-46 Don Miller
Fun Facts and Photos

Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen of Notre Dame (l to r): Elmer Layden, Don Miller, Jim Crowley, and Harry Stuldreher

The Cleveland Chapter’s first President (1945-46), Donald C. Miller, who at the time was the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, was one of the legendary Four Horsemen of the 1920’s Notre Dame backfield.


In 1957, the Cleveland Chapter held a reception for The Honorable Florence E. Allen, Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Judge Allen, reportedly, was the first woman to argue a case before the Ohio Supreme Court.


In the ’60s and ’70s, steak roasts became the annual summer events for the chapter’s members.

The announcement of the August 3, 1963 event advised members that the cost was two dollars, “for all the beer you can drink, plus the steak dinner”.

In 1972, the steak roast was held at Stanley M. and Elaine “Boots” Fisher’s home.


(l to r): Hon. Thomas D. Lambros, Northern District of Ohio; Edward A. Zak, Cleveland Chapter President (1979-80); Hon. Leroy J. Contie, Jr., Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals; and Hon. James R. Williams, Cleveland Chapter President (1980-81)


In October 1985, the Cleveland Chapter presented Nora M. Friel with the Chapter's Exemplary Service Award. Nora Friel was the Chapter's first woman President (1977-78).

Nora M. Friel to Receive Exemplary Service Award - Oct. 1985


In 1992, the Cleveland Chapter hosted the National FBA Convention at the Sheraton Cleveland City Centre Hotel. Eight years later, the Northern District of District of Ohio Chapter hosted the Annual Meeting at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center.


(l to r): Hon. William R. Robie, Chief Immigration Judge; Margaret W. Wong, Cleveland Chapter President (1994-95); and Donald Russell, District Director, U.S. Immigration Office, Cleveland, Ohio

Margaret W. Wong, Cleveland Chapter President (1994-95), was awarded the Cleveland YWCA Career Woman of Achievement Award for 1984, presented annually to the woman who has made outstanding contributions to her profession and the community. Among other honors, she was named one of GLAMOUR Magazine's top ten Outstanding Young Working Women for 1983.


In 2002 and 2006, the Northern District of Ohio Chapter members had the opportunity to be sworn into the U.S. Supreme Court by General William K. Suter, Clerk of the Supreme Court.


Stanley M. Fisher, Northern District of Ohio Chapter President (1971-72), was the first recipient of the FBA’s Lifetime Achievement Award and first Ohioan to serve as FBA National President.

Federal Bar Association's Inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award to Stanley M. Fisher - September 2005


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