North Central Florida Chapter

Welcome to another exciting year! Our chapter, the North Central Florida Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, covers a relatively large geographical area spanning both the Northern and Middle Districts of Florida, from the Eighth Judicial Circuit of Florida down to Ocala. We take pride in the excellent events we bring to the federal bench and bar, and we have some phenomenal programs planned for this coming year, beginning with our Annual Meeting and Reception on September 18th. We will elect our board of directors, announce a law student writing competition, announce board scholarships, and honor United States District Judge Stephan P. Mickle as he retires after 16 dedicated years of service on the federal bench.

The quality of our programming is reflected in the awards we have received from the national Federal Bar Association headquarters. Last year we received the Presidential Citation Award for our “Toast to Judge Hodges” event, and this year we will send two delegates to Rhode Island to accept the Presidential Achievement Award for our “Women, the Law, and Leaning Into Leadership” roundtable. Each one of our incoming presidents attends the annual Leadership Training seminar at headquarters so he or she will come back chock full of ideas and resources to help design award-winning events during the coming year.

There’s more in store, so please join us this year, whether you’re renewing or signing up for the first time. We look forward to seeing you at future events.

Peg O'Connor
Chpter Chair