Past Events

2nd Annual CLE at the Movies features CitizenFour and Panel Discussion Facilitated by Judge Fouratt

On October 14, the New Mexico Chapter hosted a CLE offering a special theater showing of the movie CitizenFour and panel discussion giving insight into Edward Snowden's decision to reveal classified documents about the National Security Agency. The program also included remarks from Dana Gold, a Senior Fellow at the Government Accountability Project; Nancy Hollander, lead counsel in the Wikileaks' whistleblower Chelsea Manning's appeal; and Robert Gorence, a former U.S. Attorney who investigated the Ed Howard espionage case. The panel, facilitated by Magistrate Judge Fouratt, engaged in robust discussion of issues raised by the film. The CLE had many attendees, including Judge Hartz of the Tenth Circuit Court.

(l to r): Ron Holmes, NM Chapter President; Frank T. Apodaca, NM Chapter President-Elect; Robert Gorence; Dana Gold; Nancy Hollander; and Magistrate Judge Gregory J. Fouratt
Courthouse Tour with The Honorable M. Christina Armijo

The Honorable M. Christina Armijo, Chief Judge of the United States District Court for the District of New Mexico with students at the University of New Mexico School of Law during the Courthouse Tour Event sponsored by the New Mexico Chapter, March 2015. Photo by Tamara Williams.
Luncheon with Dean Erwin Chemerinsky

The New Mexico Chapter held its second luncheon speaker event on January 16 to a full house in Albuquerque. Dean Erwin Chemerinsky from the University of California Irvine School of Law spoke on recent Supreme Court decisions. His presentation, "An Amazing Time in the Supreme Court" captivated the audience with his amazing recall and ability to explain the significance of Supreme Court decisions.

The attendees included Judges from the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, Judges and Magistrate Judges from the District Court of New Mexico, one Justice from the New Mexico Supreme Court, and numerous state court appellate and district judges. Federal and state practitioners alike attended the event. The New Mexico Chapter plans to hold similar events in the future.  
The Federal Bar Association Comes to the Land of Enchantment: The New Mexico Chapter’s Inaugural Event

In April of this year, the National Board approved the Application for Charter of the New Mexico Chapter as one of the newest chapters of the growing Federal Bar Association. Already, the chapter has grown to 85 members. The New Mexico Chapter held its inaugural event for its members on October 11, 2013 at the University of New Mexico School of Law in Albuquerque, welcoming Professor Jonathan Turley of the George Washington University Law School as the key note speaker at a luncheon and CLE event.

Professor Turley’s engaging style and vast knowledge of the United States Supreme Court entertained a group of federal practitioners, law professors and local judges. His presentation on “The History, Reform and Proposed Expansion of the United States Supreme Court” is as captivating as it is controversial. Professor Turley reviewed the history of the United States Supreme Court and how the Court came to be comprised of nine Justices—a historical anomaly as opposed to constitutional mandate. Professor Turley also criticized what has become of the confirmation process in the U.S. Senate where questions of substance are completely avoided, resulting in appointment of Justices about whom we know very little. He argued for greater diversity on the Court and expansion to at least 19 Justices to overcome what he believes has become an insular Court where a swing vote of a single Justice often decides issues of greatest national importance. Professor Turley’s non-partisan critique of the Court and how its Justices are selected and appointed is a thoughtful and intriguing argument for a paradigm shift.

Former Tenth Circuit Vice President of the FBA and current Tenth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Robert Bacharach was key in inviting Professor Turley to make the trip from Washington to New Mexico for this inaugural event. The Chapter was honored to welcome to the event and recognize former Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court, the Honorable Joseph F. Baca, who graduated from George Washington University in 1964. The New Mexico Chapter’s next event is set for January 16, 2014 with ever popular speaker, Dean Erwin Chemerinsky of the U.C. Irvine Law School.

New Mexico has a single federal District which covers geographically the fifth largest State in the Union. As a border state, the District of New Mexico has a very busy criminal docket and a vibrant and talented group of Article III Judges and Magistrate Judges. The founding Board of the New Mexico Chapter hopes to enhance the quality of practice in all areas of federal practice in New Mexico through a variety of Chapter sponsored events and through making New Mexico practitioners and judges aware of the educational, governmental relations and service activities sponsored by the national organization of the Federal Bar Association.


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