Chapter Bylaws


  1. Board of Governors
    1. As a condition of continued membership for the following year on the Board of Governors, no member of the Board shall incur more than three (3) unexcused absences from regularly scheduled Board meetings during each fiscal year of the Chapter. "Excused absence" means that a Board member, in advance of the scheduled meeting, shall have provided the President or Secretary an e-mail or telephonic notice that the Board member cannot attend. This bylaw shall not apply to honorary members, members of the judiciary or to Board members serving as the Federal Public Defender or the United States Attorney.
    2. All actions required or permitted under the Constitution are effective if done or taken by e-mail.
  2. Committees
    In addition to the Standing Committees of the Chapter provided in Article IX of the Constitution of the Chapter, there shall be the following Committees:
      1. Newsletter/Website Committee
      2. Younger Lawyers Committee
      3. Program Committee
    1. The President shall, during September of each Chapter fiscal year, appoint two or more members to serve on each of these Committees, one of whom shall be designated chairperson, with the Younger Lawyers Representative being a member of and chairperson of the Younger Lawyers Committee. Such appointments shall be subject to approval of the BOG
    2. The Newsletter/Website Committee shall be responsible for the publication of a bi-annual newsletter and for the updating of the Chapter's webpage on the Association's website.
    3. The Younger Lawyers Committee shall be responsible for planning and participating in events and activities to encourage young lawyers to join the Chapter and/or to participate in the Chapter's events and activities.
    4. The Board may establish Special Committees for particular purposes. Any such Special Committee shall go out of existence one year from the date it is established unless prior thereto the Board extends its existence for another year. The President, subject to Board approval, shall appoint a chairperson for each such Special Committee.
  3. General
    1. The Constitution of the Chapter shall be the supreme governing and controlling authority for the conduct of Chapter affairs, and all acts performed or purported to be performed on behalf of this Chapter that are in conflict with the provisions of the Constitution or these Bylaws shall be void and shall not bind the Chapter.
    2. The Chapter will not engage in activities that are or may be in conflict with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association:
    3. All resolutions or actions of the Chapter respecting proposed legislation or other matters affecting the national policy of the Association shall be submitted to the Association in accordance with the guidelines established by the Association. As to any such resolution or action, the Chapter may publicly present a position in its name but shall not make public such position in the name of the Association to any national, state or municipal authority without the consent of the Association. The Chapter may not issue a public report or take a public position on an issue unless it generally reflects the views of its members. No report or position may be inconsistent with any existing position of the Association.
    4. The Chapter shall incur no indebtedness on behalf of or on the faith and
      credit of the Association and the Association shall not be responsible for any deficits or indebtedness of the Chapter unless otherwise agreed to by the Association.
    5. Wherever the Constitution or Bylaws of the Chapter omit or fail to address any substantive or procedural matter that is addressed in the most current version of Robert's Rules of Order, the most current version of Robert's Rules of Order shall govern as to that matter.


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