Law School Scholarship of the Federal Bar Association-El Paso Chapter and the El Paso Criminal Law Group, Inc.

Three Law School Scholarships of the Federal Bar Association-El Paso Chapter (EPFBA) and the El Paso Criminal Law Group, Inc. consist of a $3500 scholarship, a $2500 scholarship and a $1000 scholarship awarded to three outstanding students from El Paso who will begin law school at an ABA-accredited law school in the Fall 2015. The scholarships are awarded based on the applicant’s academic achievements, community involvement, and dedication to the study of law. The purpose of the scholarship is to support legal education, build ties with the El Paso community, and increase the recipient’s connection to the El Paso legal community.

The Federal Bar Association-El Paso Chapter and the El Paso Criminal Law Group, Inc. scholarship committee will advertise the scholarship beginning in April 2015 through mid May 2015 in a variety of ways, including: 

  • publicizing to students at local universities such as UTEP, EPCC, and NMSU through student newspapers, flyers in scholarship offices and at LSPI, and emails to pre-law listserves 
  • publicizing to El Pasoans attending universities elsewhere through El Paso Connects and sending scholarship information to the Board’s undergraduate and law school alma maters 
  • publicizing to the legal community by emailing bar listserves and sending a press release to the El Paso Bar Journal 
  • publicizing to the general public by sending press releases to the El Paso Times and El Paso Inc. 
  • publicizing the Scholarship on our website, including a link to the application

Applicants must submit their applications electronically to on or before May 11, 2015. In the application, the applicant must list a permanent El Paso address and other contact information; his or her undergraduate school, GPA, and major; and the law school he or she will be attending. The applicant must include a resume, a transcript, and answers to the following questions: (1) Why do you want to go to law school? (2) Describe an obstacle you have encountered and how you overcame it. (3) How will your law school degree allow you to benefit the El Paso community? (4) What do you most appreciate about El Paso? (5) What, in your opinion, is the most important quality an attorney must have/most important quality an attorney must bring to his/her practice of law? and (6) Why do you think the public has such a negative perception of attorneys and what will you do to improve public misperceptions about the practice of law/lawyers?

The Scholarship Committee will review the applications and select finalists by late-May 2015. The Scholarship Committee will then schedule interviews with the finalists and select recipients to present to both Boards for final approval. The recipients will be notified by mid June 2015. The recipients will be invited to a Federal Bar-El Paso Chapter/El Paso Criminal Law Group, Inc. event to be presented with a certificate of their scholarship by one of El Paso’s judiciary.

The scholarships will be disbursed to the recipients in early Fall 2015 after the recipient provides proof from the registrar’s office that he or she is enrolled in law school. In addition, the FBA will pay for the recipient’s FBA membership while the recipient is in law school. If the recipient returns to El Paso in the two years after graduating from law school, the FBA will also pay for the recipient’s FBA membership during that time.