Federal Judges Honored for Lifetime of Service

Farmingdale, New York — Five senior federal judges who share the unique distinction of being both World War II veterans and Federal Judges from the Eastern District of New York were honored this week at an event celebrating a lifetime of service to our country. The Federal Bar Association, EDNY Chapter, celebrated the lives and careers of Hon. I. Leo Glasser, Hon. Thomas C. Platt, Hon. Arthur D. Spatt, Hon. Jack B. Weinstein and Hon. Leonard D. Wexler.

These five outstanding jurists comprise a “band of brothers” who are active judges in the federal district court that covers Long Island and several New York City boroughs. They have been the subject of recent interviews (e.g., Newsday, Sunday, May 27, 2012) discussing how being part of the armed forces during World War II, while in their late teens and early twenties, had a significant impact on their lives, their perspective of the world and their career paths.

The “Honoring Our Own” event was hosted by the FBA EDNY Chapter at the historic American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale, New York, on the evening of Wednesday, December 5, 2012, from 6 pm to 10 pm. The event was attended by judges and lawyers working and practicing in the Eastern District courts with a program that included presentations by the FBA National President, Bob DeSousa, the FBA EDNY Chapter President Ernest T. Bartol, Congressional Citations, letters from Dana K. Chipman, U.S. Army Judge Advocate General, as well as guest speakers, a special performance by the Andrew Sisters (“the Manhattan Dolls” act) and a buffet dinner.

As pointed out, in a speech given by the Program Chair, Rob Rando:

“As evidenced by the turnout tonight, the recognition by our government officials, the celebration of your family, friends and peers: Your accomplishments in uniform and in the courtroom, as well as your unique place in history, is and will remain proudly remembered by our nation, our legal community and the Federal Bar Association. We can only aspire to the wisdom of your values, the spirit of your ideals and the moral compass that you set so early in your lives and which has guided you ever since. And, if we can reach those goals, then we will have achieved what you fought for as young men in service to your country and what you have worked for as members of the judiciary.”