Message from the President

A very warm welcome to your District of Columbia Chapter of the Federal Bar Association!

As we begin another FBA Association year, on behalf of the District of Columbia Chapter, I would like to welcome you warmly!

The.D.C. Chapter has been productively occupied with the Distinguished Lawyer Series, hosting Former Solicitor General Donald Virrelli at the U.S. Courthouse in and for the District of Columbia, who spoke from first-hand experience about U.S. Supreme Court practice. Thanks go to Former Chapter President Cary Devorsetz and his able team!

Senior Immigration Law Practitioner and Chapter Board member Prakash Khatri, in co-sponsorship with the FBA Immigration Law Section, has hosted some 40 highly successful monthly immigration Law Leadership luncheons [free of cost to D.C. Chapter members!], featuring at the November 2017 luncheon Immigration Judge [and former FBA Immigration Law Section Chairperson] Lawrence Berman, who spoke knowledgeably about the FBA proposal for legislation to confer Article i judicial status on Immigration judges. Exceptionally well-condell-done, Prakash!

Most notably, Chapter Board meme Colonel John Haramalis [U.S.A., retired], with the able assistance of former Chapter President and now Cicuit Vice President Steven R. Miller and a small but dedicated planning team, led the Chapter’s efforts to serve our veterans with the Wills for Veterans Project.

Colonel Haramalis and his colleagues [including six licensed attorneys from the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia, as well as some 35 law students from the American University Washington College of Law, the Columbus School of Law of Catholic University, and students from the Georgetown University Law Center] drafted, reviewed, witnessed, and finalized wills for some 27 veterans—a truly notable achievement, deserving a hearty well-done!

Chapter National Delegate Jon Lasken, Board Member Diana Wielocha and Chapter President Brian C. Murphy traveled to their law school alma mater, the University of Virginia School of Law, on November 3,2018 to participate in a Careers Panel for Virginia Law students.

The Chapter would like to do much more for students and faculty at local area law schools!
In the Chapter’s continuing effort to serve our local Federal Bench, the Chapter nominated six of our distinguished jurists for Honorary FBA and D.C. Chapter membership, including:

The Honorable John D. Bates, Senio Judge, DCD

The Honorable Beryl A. Howell, Chief Judge, DCD

The Honorable Catanji B. Jackson, Judge, DCD

The Honorable Royce C. Lamberth, Senior Judge and Former Chief Judge, DCD

The Honorable Stanley Sporkin, retied Judge, DCD

The Honorable Emmet G. Sullivan, Judge, DCD

We wish to be of service to our esteemed judges!

We certainly welcome your involvement in Chapter activities and hope that you will contact us toward doing so!