Message from the President

The Ethical Implications of World War II Stolen Art

Hon. Robert E. Bacharach, United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit; Hon. Mimi Tsankov, FBA Colorado Chapter Immediate Past President; Margaret Cordova, FBA Colorado Chapter President; and Raymond J. Dowd, FBA FBA Board Member

On May 7, 2015, the FBA Colorado Chapter presented "Looted Materials: The Ethical Implications of World War II Stolen Art." Featuring FBA Board Member Raymond J. Dowd, a partner at Dunnington, Bartholow & Miller LLP in New York City, and introduced by former FBA Tenth Circuit Vice President, The Honorable Robert E. Bacharach, Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, the CLE program examined the historical and legal underpinnings which render the looting of art a criminal act, and the efforts underway to return looted items to their rightful owners. Held in the grand Colorado Supreme Court before an audience comprised of FBA members, attorneys, museum professionals, and academics, the event drew a unique cross-section of the Colorado community and generated a wide array of questions during the CLE and the reception that followed.