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Below are some recent articles from Peter Weddle. Peter is a recruiter, HR consultant and business CEO turned author and commentator. He has authored or edited over two dozen employment-related books, including his latest, Work Strong, Your Personal Career Fitness System. Peter's columns on recruitment and job search appear in the Wall Street Journal, The National Business Employment Weekly,, and many others.

The Talent Within You (Part II)
alent is not a skill or competency. Talent is the capacity for excellence. More than any other factor, it is the attribute which empowers us to do our best work on-the-job.
Run from the Undead Employers
Today’s job market is infested with a horde of undead organizations best described as unemployers. These entities are inhuman employers that prey on workers. They achieve success by sucking the life out of those they employ.  They often make a lot of money (especially for their investors and CEOs), but consume their employees to do so.  
The Talent Within You
A terrible phenomenon has emerged in the United States since the Great Recession. I call it serial unemployment. Many of those in transition – people who are understandably anxious to get back to work – take the first job offer that comes along, only to find themselves back out on the bricks six or twelve months later looking for another job.
Networking to Avoid Notworking
The conventional wisdom is that online networking is a “contact sport.” The more connections, followers and friends you have, the more successful you will be. That may work with lottery tickets, but in a job search campaign, quality trumps quantity every time.
Active Reading for Job Search Success
Active listening involves paying attention to the person with whom you’re speaking. While the term recognizes the role of your ears, it’s actually a two-sense technique. You make sure you hear exactly what the other person is saying, but you form your interpretation of their statement with their tone of voice and what you see in their body language as well as their words.
Job Search Serendipity

Thanks to all of the media attention lavished on such sites as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, networking has been redefined as a virtual experience played as a contact sport.  All you have to do is sit at your computer and bulk up your personal brand by adding as many connections, followers and friends as you can.


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