Editorial Board

The FBA Editorial Board is responsible for developing and obtaining content for publication in The Federal Lawyer, the magazine of the FBA. The Federal Lawyer is the only professional publication devoted solely to the interests of attorneys in federal practice. The magazine is published 6 times per year.

Each member of the Editorial Board is expected to attend one (typically one-hour) conference call bi-monthly and to contribute approximately 10 hours of work time per issue. This could include soliciting articles, reviewing and editing submissions, proofreading final pages, or other tasks.

Editorial Board members are appointed each year by the FBA President-Elect in advance of his or her term, which begins October 1. Learn more about being appointed to work on this dynamic team of dedicated attorneys.

Editor in Chief
Rachel Hughey
Editorial and Productions Specialist
Zebley Foster
Editorial Board:
Chair: Rachel Hughey
Andrew Doyle, Nadia A. Klarr, Jennifer McCollough, Bruce McKenna, Anne Perry, Michael N. Rhinehart, Andrew Strelka, Hon. Noelle C. Collins, Hon. Karoline Mehalchick, James W. Satola, Arturo Bauermeister, Caroline Johnson Levine, Donna Currault, Heaven Chee, Joanna Fox, Sheila Hollis, Christopher Lucca, Dalmacio Posadas, Elizabeth Turnbull, Susan Yorke


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