Constitution, Bylaws, Rules, and Resolutions Committee

Constitution, Bylaws, Rues and Resolutions Committee

The Constitution, Bylaws, Rules, and Resolutions Committee is responsible for the following:

- considering and reporting on proposed changes in the Constitution and the Bylaws of the Association prior to presenting such proposals to the Board of Directors and the National Council;

- considering and reporting to the Board of Directors on all resolutions prior to presenting such resolutions to the National Council; and
- studying and considering, on a continuing basis, means of improving the operations and the rules of the Board of Directors and the National Council prescribed pursuant to Bylaw 7. 

Bylaw 14(A) states in part: "All proposals or petitions to amend (including repeal) provisions of the Constitution under Article XIX thereof, or these Bylaws under Bylaw 14C, except for annual dues changes proposed by the Board of Directors, shall be directed or referred to the Constitution, Bylaws, Rules, and Resolutions Committee for its recommendations." Further, Bylaw 14(A) states that all such proposals or petitions must reach the Committee at least 60 days before consideration at a National Council meeting or an annual meeting of the members.

Deadlines for Submission of Proposals to the Committee
Annual Meeting of the National Council on September 7, 2019: Submission deadline is July 9, 2019

Minimum Proposal Guidelines

For the sake of efficient, deliberative consideration, the Committee requests that such proposals or petitions - 

- be submitted in writing by email to the FBA Executive Director for transmittal to the Committee;
- include the text of the proposed changes to the Constitution or Bylaws and the text of any provision in the Constitution or Bylaws to be repealed or amended; and
- include a summary of the arguments for and against adoption of such proposal or petition.

Committee Members

Warren P. Burke, Chair
Anh Le Kremer, General Counsel
Sherri Marie Carr
Geoffrey T. Cheshire
Calvert G. Chipchase
Robert S. Clark
Kristin M. Kimmelman
Patricia T. Paul
Thomas H. Segars
Elizabeth G. Smith
Paul S. Vamvas
Michael S. Vitale


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