Community Service and Outreach

The Community Service and Outreach Committee is responsible to coordinate, implement, and assist efforts to serve and support the communities in which members practice. The Committee's responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, community service; civics; efforts to support the well-being of members, their families, and their communities; and activities pro bono publico.

Committee Members:
Dina T. Miller, Chair
Ismail Amin
Mark L. Desgrosseilliers
Jay Dewald
Karen K. Diep
Benjamin W. Dowers
Kenneth A. Gelburd
Amy N. Gell
Mark Goidell
Sherri Walker Hobson
J. Steven Justice
Jeremy Leonard Kahn
Hon. Douglas Lang
Jonathan H. Lasken
Craig Thomas Liljestrand
Cynthia K. Maragoudakis
Alisha Marie S. Nair
Hon. Michael J. Newman
Alessandra Serano
Aaron Hillel Weiss
Stewart Michael Young



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