Call for FBA Committee Volunteers

Summer is fast upon us, and the Federal Bar Association is busy planning exciting social events and can’t miss CLE sessions at the Annual Meeting and Convention in New York this coming September 13-15. I hope you will attend—and will encourage your colleagues to do so as well. If you have never attended a convention please consider this one; the convention promises to be a worthwhile opportunity to meet with other FBA members from around the country.
At the culmination of the Annual Meeting and Convention, effective October 1, the national leadership of the FBA for FY2019 will take office. Christian K. Adams of Honolulu will become President-Elect, and I will become President. Each President is responsible for appointing members to various FBA committees. In anticipation of this, I am in the process of considering committee appointments for the 2019 bar year. Although the number of appointments is limited, I would like hear about your interest in serving on an FBA committee.
I will be making appointments to the following committees:
  • Audit Committee, which is responsible for securing and reviewing an independent audit;
  • Bench/Bar Relations Committee, which is responsible for facilitating and acting as the liaison between the federal judiciary and the members of the FBA;
  • Community Service and Outreach Committee, which is responsible for coordinating, implementing, and assisting the efforts to serve and support the communities in which members practice. The Committee's responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, community service; civics; efforts to support the well-being of members, their families, and their communities; and activities pro bono publico;
  • Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Resolutions Committee, which is responsible for considering and reporting on proposed changes to the FBA’s Constitution and Bylaws;
  • Editorial Board, which is responsible for developing and publishing The Federal Lawyer;
  • Government Relations Committee, which is responsible for the coordinating and advancing the FBA’s issues agenda in implementation of policies adopted by the Board of Directors;
  • Law Student Division Chair (The Chair of the Division must be an Active Member of the Federal Bar Association; see Law Student Division Leadership Application for more information.)
  • Membership Committee, which is responsible for developing and implementing the Association's annual membership recruitment and retention programs; 
  • National Convention Committee, which is responsible for selecting convention sites and CLE programming held during the convention;
  • Professional Ethics Committee, which encourages professional and ethical practice in the federal bar;
  • Special Tasks Forces and Awards Committees; and 
  • New! Health, Wellness and Fitness Initiative to explore the relationship between law and health        

Because appointments are limited, please let us know your interest by providing the following information to Cathy Barrie by email as soon as possible:

  1. Name and contact information (phone and email)
  2. Chapter and section or division membership
  3. Years of FBA membership
  4. Appointment that you are seeking
  5. Statement of your FBA activities/involvement during your membership and statement about why you would like to serve the FBA
If you have informally approached me to volunteer to serve on a committee, please submit your formal interest with the information requested above.
Again, please submit your information and interest to Cathy Barrie by August 1, 2018. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Maria Z. Vathis
National President-Elect, Federal Bar Association