Audit Committee 

The Bench/Bar Relations Committee is responsible for facilitating and acting as the liaison between the federal judiciary and the members of the Federal Bar Association and for keeping the President and Board of Directors advised as to issues affecting the bench/bar.

Hon. Karoline Mehalchick, Chair
Ashley Akers
Hon. Barry W. Ashe
Jennifer E. Braccia
Hon. Nannette Brown
Hon. J Philip Calabrese
Geoffrey T. Cheshire
Prof. Michael Richard Dimino
Tessa Dysart
Hon. Gustavo A. Gelpi, Jr.
Scott S. Harris
Hon. Matthew Kennelly
Hon. Katherine Beaumont Kern
Steven Patrick McKey
Mariano A. Mier-Romeu
Hon. J. Michael Seabright
Elizabeth G. Smith
Hon. Becky R. Thorson
Stephen Zollman


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