National Staff

National Staff

The Federal Bar Association's national headquarters are located in Arlington, VA. The association's professional staff is available to answer any questions you have about membership, events, or benefits.

FBA National Staff

Stacy King
Executive Director

Stacy provides leadership and oversight on all areas of governance, finance, operations and staffing. She supports the FBA...

Dominick Alcid
Director of Membership and Marketing

Dominick is responsible for Federal Bar Association brand management, media relations, and strategic planning...

Dave Acerra
Manager of Sections and Divisions

Dave leads the strategic support between the Sections and Divisions, and the national office...

Cathy Barrie
Project Specialist

Cathy provides support and oversees special projects across the association, with roles including project management...

Holly Delidle
Leadership Administrator

Holly provides support to the national leadership, committees, and affiliated organizations and assists with governance and administration tasks.

Zebley Foster
Editorial and Production Specialist

Zebley handles the production of the The Federal Lawyer, manages sections and divisions newsletters, and ...

Jonathan Fredrickson
Membership Assistant

Jonathan is the primary contact for the FBA membership department, provides customer service and has significant interaction with members and prospects...

Anthony Jones
Chapters and Circuits Coordinator

Anthony is the primary liaison to the FBA’s approximately 100 chapters throughout the country.

Laura Mulhern
Meetings Planner

Laura is responsible for supporting the planning of the association’s national continuing legal education conferences...

Kiran Paul
Digital Content Coordinator

Kiran is responsible for content development and distribution for the Federal Bar Association's digital channels...

Caitlin Rider
Sr. Meeting Planner

Caitlin is responsible for supporting the planning of the association’s national continuing legal education conferences and its Midyear Meeting...

Melissa Schettler
Sr. Director of Professional Development

Melissa is responsible for planning the association’s national continuing legal education conferences and leadership meetings and oversees contract...

Miles Woolever
Foundation Administrator

Miles is responsible for supporting the programming and outreach efforts for the Foundation of the FBA...