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"The FBA is perhaps the most dynamic, most flexible, and most cost-efficient bar association of its kind. It is amazing how much we achieve in light of the reasonableness of our dues. We are nationally respected by the bench, have considerable clout on Capitol Hill, and provide invaluable support to our members through our chapters, sections, divisions, national programs, website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and e-newsletter, and of course The Federal Lawyer."
- Robert J. DeSousa
FY2013 National President

The Federal Bar Association is grateful for your interest in advertising with our various forms of media. In our current sponsorship and advertising guide you will find information for advertising on our website, our job board, our e-newsletter, webinars, The Federal Lawyer magazine, and Sections and Division Newsletters.

We strive to develop partnerships that will serve both the organization and the partnering entity. We are flexible and look forward to discuss-ing our many opportunities with you in the near future.


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