FBA Brand and Graphic Standards

It is important that all staff, members, and vendors use the Federal Bar Association name, logo, and branding properly and consistently. Uniformity in presentation will maximize the awareness of our name while protecting our logo rights.

These guidelines are intended to help the FBA maintain its identity throughout the nation for all the services that are offered. Refer to these guidelines whenever using any element of the FBA name, logo, or brand.

This guide provides an overview of the FBA’s visual identity as well as guidelines on using the key graphic elements of that identity: the FBA logo, colors, and preferred typefaces. It focuses on print publications with general guidelines for the Web.

Why we have guidelines
Every representation of the FBA should consistently communicate the unique benefits it offers to its members. Visual consistency helps create recognition and differentiates the FBA from other bar associations. Every physical representation of the FBA’s image that people notice—whether it’s a letter written on stationary, a brochure, or a sign—offers an opportunity to communicate our commitment to service. The consistent use of one distinctive logotype communicates who we are, with one voice, to members and others.

Branding Q&A
What purposes are these guidelines intended to serve?
There are multiple purposes for these guidelines. First, they are ment to illustrate and explain the correct ways to use the FBA’s name, logo, and brand. The guidelines give the specific information needed for the majority of uses of our logo and brand. Second, protecting them from misue or improper use is important for legal and public relations reasons. Third, improper usage ultimately weakens the FBA. Fourth, correct usage of our name, logo, and brand helps to increase awareness of the FBA and its activities.

Are the rules regarding logo usage suggested or mandatory?
The rules are mandatory. The FBA’s logo and brand are viable only when used correctly.

What is the best way to be sure I am reproducing a logo accurately?
Follow the instructions in this guide.

Terms of Use
By downloading FBA graphics, you agree to abide by the following terms of use:

  • Logos and graphics may not be altered, redrawn, or reset typographically. Elements of the logos or graphics may not be separated, rearranged, or altered in any way, and original height-to-width proportions (aspect ratios) must be maintained.
  • Your permission to use the FBA’s logo and graphics is revocable by the FBA.
  • The logos and graphics may not violate the rights of others or applicable law, or state or imply endorsement of your business or organization.
  • You agree that upon request from the FBA, you shall forward to the FBA samples of your use of the logos and graphics.
Logo Format & Access
The FBA has provided its logo in a variety of formats:

JPG — Used for online and print purposes.

TIF — (Raster) Used for print purposes due to its high resolution. For newsletters or documents created in word processing applications such as Microsoft Word. Offers higher resolution output and reproduces well from black and white or color laser printers or inkjet printers.

EPS — (Vector) Used for print purposes due to its high resolution. Newsletters or documents created in page layout programs such a QuarkXPress, InDesign, or PageMaker. Offers highest quality output for documents being produced on printing presses, digital presses, or other post-script printing devices.

To download the FBA logos, you must be logged in and have one of the following FBA positions:

  • Board of Directors
  • Chapter Board Members
  • Section Chair
  • Division Chair
  • Vice Presidents for the Circuits


FBA Brand and Graphic Standards Guide

FBA Logos (Download)


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